Skomer Island

Images of puffins, shearwaters and other birds and can be found here.

Skomer is an island off the coast of Pembrokeshire in west Wales. The island has an area of 2.92 km2; its highest point is 79m above sea level at Gorse Hill, while the majority of the island sits at around 60m above sea level. 

It is well known for its wildlife: around half the world’s population of Manx shearwaters nest on the island, the Atlantic puffin colony is the largest in southern Britain, and the Skomer vole is unique to the island. It is also known for its archeological interest: stone circles, standing stone and remains of prehistoric houses. 

 Skomer is a national nature reserve, a site of special scientific interest and a special protection area. Much of the island has also been designated an ancient monument. It is surrounded by a marine nature reserve and is managed by the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales. 

Skomer is a short, 10 minute boat ride from the mainland. Only 250 people per day are permitted visit the island.

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