Sanatorium near Nancy, France

The images taken at the Sanatorium can be viewed here.

The Sanatorium was originally built for Professor Paul Spillmann in 1899, with a capacity for 30 patients. The building is located 7km from Nancy, France.

The first patients arrived in 1902. A few years later, the property was enlarged to a total of 50 beds, thanks to a donation from a generous benefactor. After the death of the founder, Dr Paul Spillmann in 1914, the sanatorium was named ‘Paul Spillmann’.

After having a lot of damage inflicted on the building during the 1914-1918 war, the sanatorium was restored and opened again in January 1924, with an improved capacity of 130 beds.

The building went under extensive renovation work during 1951, when many of the Art Nouveau features were removed.

In 2006, the services of the sanatorium and all patients were transferred to a bigger hospital in the Nancy area and the sanatorium Paul Spillmann closed its doors.

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